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Internet Accelerator client works with Windows XP, Vista, Me, 98, 2000 Pro, any modem and any ISP.
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About Proxyconn Internet Accelerator technology.
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Realize  higher profit margins and superior customer satisfaction with Proxyconn Internet Accelerator.
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Proxyconn Internet Web Accelerator accelerates Web access and email over dial up to the speeds in the DSL range
Pop up and ad blocking, anti spyware, parental control, privacy protection and application cleaning
EazyOfferTM and EazyCommTM e-commerce and customer relationships tools for ISPs
Our accelerator works with Windows XP/Vista, Me, 98, 2000 Pro, any ISP and any type of Internet access
Our accelerator is used by hundreds Internet Service Providers in the US and worldwide
Accelerates and enhances dial up, wireless, satellite Internet and low end DSL
Acceleration Server Security Extensions for ISP protection

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"...recently viewed sites loaded even faster, appearing almost instantaneously... "
Washington Post, 02/29/2004
"... Proxyconn can deliver Web pages to your screen significantly, palpably and thrillingly faster... "
NY Times,04/10/2003
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"Thank you. I have never used a product that has so surpassed my expectations. It's the best software I have EVER purchased."
  Ken S., Peterborough, NH
"I tried to surf web without Proxyconn! Big mistake! ... the web was like a tortoise until I put your program in place."
  Julie H., Columbus, OH

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Proxyconn Continues to Increase Its Worldwide Market Share
Proxyconn continues to dominate the web acceleration world market with premium technology and worldwide market expansion.
Proxyconn Launches Security Extensions including DDOS protection
Acceleration Servers are now shipped with security extensions, including virus/worms impact mitigation and protection against DDOS attacks. 
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