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If you can't get high-speed Internet or you just don't want to pay for it, this $5.95-a-month service ($47.88 on a yearly term) can inject a little life in your dial-up connection. Proxyconn's claim of "DSL Speed for Dial-up" overstates its effectiveness, but it did double the speed of our Web-page downloads; recently viewed sites loaded even faster, appearing almost instantaneously. The program relies on an online network of server computers to place copies of popular Web sites closer to your PC and compress their images and text for a further speed boost -- but without blurring or distorting pictures, a frequent issue with Web accelerators. Proxyconn also fine-tunes some Windows settings to improve dial-up performance and kills bandwidth-eating pop-up ads (that least feature, however, can be easily had for free). Proxyconn was simple to install (it's spyware free) and use, with no tweaking needed. We'd have no problem recommending this to people who can't get broadband -- but just in case, use the week-long trial period to make sure it works for you before subscribing.
Daniel Greenberg,, 02/29/2004

"... Proxyconn can deliver Web pages to your screen significantly, palpably and thrillingly faster while using the modem, browser and Internet service you already have."
NY Times, 04/10/2003

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