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05/02/2006  Proxyconn Continues to Increase Its Worldwide Market Share
Proxyconn, Inc. continues to dominate the web acceleration world market with premium technology and ongoing worldwide market expansion. 
10/20/2005  Proxyconn Launches Security Extensions including DDOS protection
Acceleration Servers are now shipped with security extensions, including virus/worms impact mitigation and protection against DDOS attacks. 
09/12/2005  Proxyconn Announces Award Winning AntiVirus
Proxyconn Antivirus was 100% effective in detecting all viruses tested... Unlimited scanning and cleaning for email and user's computer.
08/15/2005  Proxyconn Australia announced
Headquartered in Gladston, Queensland, Proxyconn Australia will meet needs of both ISPs and end users.
05/09/2005  Proxyconn Achieves 10X Acceleration
Proxyconn Accelerator achieved 10X acceleration, and instructions are provided for any Internet user to verify that.
03/29/2005  Web Accelerator for Apple Macintosh available
Web Accelerator for Mac is offered to ISP partners and direct users.
01/12/2005 T-Online France signs with Proxyconn
Proxyconn continues to win over ISP partners by offering superior product and unequaled customer service.
01/10/2005 Proxyconn and Best Data announce the continuation of their alliance
Best Data: We are very pleased to work with Proxyconn to offer the fastest Internet acceleration available today ...
11/04/2004 Faster Web Accelerator
Proxyconn delivers the fastest Internet Accelerator on the market and closes large international contracts.
08/24/2004 Proxyconn Announces the Availability of EazyOffer
Proxyconn's expanding ISP Toolkit with EazyOffer(TM) means new revenue from local, national and personalized promotions
ISPs can now quickly and easily increase revenue by displaying advertising and messages to their customers.
07/30/2004 New Efforts Being Taken Against Spyware
In today's world of warnings, dangers and the need for safety precautions, even surfing the Internet for business or pleasure is fraught with hazards.
07/19/2004 Proxyconn Releases Software Bundle
Proxyconn Releases the First Dial-Up Accelerator Bundled with a Full Suite of Value Added Services Including Anti Spyware and Parental Controls.
07/19/2004 Proxyconn Adds Features
The dialup accelerator announced today that it is adding a slew of additional features to its dialup package, anticipating that ISPs want it all in one client, one app, one download, one support call.
05/13/2004 NRTC Chooses Proxyconn
NRTC, Among The Largest ISP Cooperatives in the US, Chooses Proxyconn’s Dial-Up Acceleration Technology.  Testing proves Proxyconn has highest speeds and best graphics.
04/15/2004 Proxyconn Pitches Pure Speed - ISP-Planet
Proxyconn says that when its product is tested, the company wins on speed. But when we talked to Proxyconn's ISP customers, we learned that's not why they bought the product.
04/13/2004 Flexpop chooses Proxyconn's Dial-Up Acceleration Technology
Wholesale Internet access provider Flexpop to provide its ISP customers with Proxyconn’s dial-up accelerator.
03/01/2004 ISP Co-Ops and VISPs are Choosing Proxyconn
Proxyconn Launches ISP Reseller Program With Over 100 ISPs, VISPs And Co-ops already Signed Up
02/20/2004 Tech TV - Hot Click Video Review
Who needs Broadband Internet Connections when you can speed up your Dial Up Connection?
02/19/2004 - Rich Levin, PC Talk Radio -  Review
New Test Results determine Proxyconn Accelerator is ".noticeably and measurably faster Web Surfing"
01/16/2004 - Acceleration: One Size Fits All
Proxyconn's dialup acceleration product can be hosted on Proxyconn's infrastructure or on an ISP's own, making it suitable for ISPs with one customer—or a million.
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