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  • Proxyconn is proven to be the fastest dial up accelerator on the market

  • Proxyconn is the inventor of Dial Up Acceleration

  • Proxyconn uses its own solution to provide acceleration to its hundreds of thousands of direct subscribers

ISPs: Start offering the best dial up acceleration to your subscribers in just a few days.

It’s fast, it’s easy and you can start offering dial up acceleration to your subscribers ASAP. We created dial up acceleration, have hundreds of thousands of subscribers using our solutions, and want to offer to provide this solution to you and your subscribers.  You can host, we can host, it can be branded, it can be non-branded…, the choices are simple and the choices are yours: whichever way you want to proceed in offering the fastest dial up acceleration to your subscribers, Proxyconn has a solution for you!

And we offer not only acceleration anymore!  Proxyconn Accelerator has become a bundle of 5 products, and each one of them may be enabled or disabled dynamically from a central console.  That allows a partner to benefit twice: by providing some of the products to all its customers as part of the basic service (improved customers retention) and by selling the full package as a premium service (more revenue).  It is the partner's choice, what products are included into the basic and premium services.  And we provide EazyOfferTM/EazyCommTM e-commerce and customer relationships features, which allow you to display to your user customized commercial messages.  This capability was previously available only to the largest ISPs, such as AOL, MSN and United Online.


Real ISPs tell us:
  • We respond to them faster
  • Our solutions are faster
  • The value they get from us is unmatched
  • They feel as though our company cares more about them
  • Our technical support is first rate
  • Our technology is easy and fast to deploy
  • Our people are professional and well trained
  • We are a pleasure to do business with

They looked at different solutions and chose Proxyconn for the above reasons.

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“With Proxyconn our ISP was up and running in less than 24 hours. My customers were signing up the very next day.”

"A minimal investment, strong profits and recurring revenue made this a no-brainer decision. As a result of
Proxyconn, we increased our per-subscriber margin from day one."

"My customers keep writing and telling me how much they love the Proxyconn-based services we are offering."

No one delivers so much performance in one package. To learn more or for pricing information, contact us at, or call our ISP department at (800) 505-3387 (Dial 5 for Service Providers).

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