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Patented  acceleration technology combines proven acceleration methods to provide more speed and options.


Proxyconn employs a variety of technologies to move web pages over the internet more quickly, all of which require no changes from the users or ISPs. Customers see nothing but improvement using the same ISP, equipment, and browser as before. Most of Proxyconn's technology is proprietary and many of the speed-enhancement details are confidential. However, here are the basic key elements...


Proxyconn has deployed proxy servers on the Internet Backbone in North America, Western Europe, Central and South America and in Asia Pacific. The network is redundant and fault-tolerant with automatic geographical load balancing among the servers.

The proxy servers and Accelerator software use proprietary data compression technology that is far more effective than the normal compression technology based on public standards.  Proxyconn's state-of-the-art compression technology compresses text data up to 50x, image data up to 12x, documents, animations and HTTP headers.

Our multi-point caching mechanism further speeds downloading of graphics and static files.

On average,  DNS lookup on our servers is much faster, given the proximity of our computers to the DNS servers.

Persistent connections to our servers eliminate frequent creation of TCP connections.

Suppression of banner ads saves additional bandwidth needs.

Prevention of annoying pop-up ads before they reach the desktop reduces download time and also increases privacy (many pop-ups contain cookies). Proxyconn's Pop-up Removal feature blocks pop-ups, pop-unders and exit windows, while allowing for 'legitimate' pop-ups.

Blocking of web "bugs" that are used by advertisers to track Internet users will further protect your privacy.

Proxyconn provides broad compatibility

Proxyconn's Accelerator and Broadband Accelerator service is compatible with all Internet Service Providers, including AOL and MSN. To use our service, all a user need is Windows® (98, ME, XP or 2000) and virtually any browser, available on the market, including: Internet Explorer 4.01 or later, Netscape 4.07 or later, Opera, Mozilla or Firefox.

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Proxyconn technology is protected by U.S. patent No. 6,757,717. 


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