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Whether on dial-up, DSL or cable, today's browsers demand instant content and have little patience for a slow loading page. Proxyconn, based in Irvine, California, was founded in 2001 to meet this demand. Proxyconn has created patent-pending technology that makes effective Web browsing speeds up to 5x faster. Our technology is sold directly to consumers and through ISPs. Today, Proxyconn's proxy servers are strategically located in major US cities, and its service is enjoyed by users throughout the US and North America.
How do Proxyconn's Accelerator products work?
For the most part, Internet traffic goes through our software, which runs in the background on your computer. Our software then sends the page requests you make to our proxy servers that perform sophisticated data compression. Bottom line is that you get a significant increase in your browsing speed. More details can be found in our Technology section.
What are advantages of the ad blocking?
Proxyconn Accelerator performs ad suppression: it recognizes and removes banner ads and other advertising from each page. This accelerates page loading, eliminates annoying distractions and protects your privacy from online advertisers.
How much faster will my connection be?
Connection and download speed depend on your modem speed, current phone line conditions, computer performance and configuration. It can also depend on the amount of data you download and on internet traffic as well. On average though, you should expect up to 6x faster browsing speed.
How do I install the service?
You just press "Install" on the page, that appears when you sign up. The Proxyconn Accelerator will be downloaded and installed. Alternatively, you will be able to download a self-installing file, and to install from it.
How do I cancel the service?
Users may cancel the service at any time by going to the Private Area section at There you are two clicks away from canceling.
How do I disable Proxyconn Accelerator?
Right click the Proxyconn icon on your taskbar and select Disable. Proxyconn will be disabled until it is Enabled again.
Can I still use my ISP?
Yes. Proxyconn requires no changes to your ISP. You keep the same email, the same phone numbers and all the same other settings you may have with your current ISP.
What if I change ISP?
Install your new ISP software and then run "Repair" command to insure the new settings are recognized. That's it.
Who can benefit from Proxyconn?
Everyone. Proxyconn's technology is designed to increase privacy and browsing speeds on any connection.
Can I use it when I travel?
Proxyconn is ideal for laptop travelers. Our software solution allows the fastest Internet connection from any remote dial-up connection anywhere, anytime.
How much does it cost?
It costs $5.95 per month with additional discounts for longer subscription periods. For a limited time, first time users receive the first week free. Subscribers can cancel the service at any time in the Private Area of the site.
What is Proxyconn Plus?
Proxyconn Plus is a part of the Acceleration Service. Its purpose is to completely remove unwanted pop up, pop under and exit windows. These windows are a big annoyance and frequently cause browser crashes. Proxyconn Plus requires Internet Explorer 5.01 or later.
What are the system requirements?
PC: Browser - Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher, Firefox, Netscape versions 4.07 through 7.X or Opera.  Some features are supported only on Internet Explorer. OS - Win98, Win Me, Win XP, Vista, Win 2000 Pro. Hardware: PC, 20 MB of disk space and 64 MB of RAM.

Mac: Apple Macintosh, OS X 10.3 or later.  Browsers - Internet  Explorer 5.2.2 or later, Safari 1.1 or later.  Some features are not supported on Mac.

What about AOL ?
AOL is fully supported, including version 9.
Will I be bombarded with banner ads?
No. Proxyconn's software is dedicated to eliminating banner ads, pop-ups, and pop-under ads.
What about my privacy with Proxyconn?
We respect and protect your privacy. See our Privacy Policy.
We are using a shared Internet connection. Where should we install Proxyconn Accelerator?
Install it on every computer that you wish to accelerate. You do not need to install Proxyconn Accelerator on the machine that serves only as a gateway.
May I use Proxyconn on multiple machines?
You need a separate account for every PC, using Proxyconn Service.
How is Proxyconn Accelerator related to DSL?
Proxyconn Accelerator is not DSL, but it accelerates your Internet connection to the speeds that mirror those in DSL range.
Is email accelerated?
Yes.  We accelerate email and support all leading email clients: Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, Opera.


Are downloads, streaming media and games accelerated too?
In some cases, yes.  But, for majority of Internet users, Proxyconn Accelerator will accelerate only web pages loading (text, images and animations), web based mail, email (embedded images and animations).
What about file sharing (P2P) applications?
Proxyconn enhances and accelerates them by blocking ads and pop ups in some P2P applications and the parasiteware they install.
Is Proxyconn Accelerator compatible with GoogleTM Desktop Search?
Yes, it is.  You may run both programs on the same machine in the same time, and receive full functionality from both of them.  We do not know, why Google alleges opposite.
Does Proxyconn Accelerator work with Windows Vista?
Yes, it does.  The latest version installs on Windows Vista automatically.  Versions prior to 3.30 require some manual configuration.

For technical support please contact Proxyconn's support department at


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