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Proxyconn provides the most comprehensive suite in the industry.  The features below are all included in a client that is  less than 9MB:
Accelerator. You get near broadband speed when browsing or downloading your emails using Dial-up.  For Screaming Internet speed, use Accelerator with your existing Broadband connection.
Anti Spyware. It discovers, blocks and deletes some spyware, adware and other rogue software, that infects home computers.
Pop up Blocker. It will block those annoying pop-ups and pop-unders. Ads and pop-ups are blocked in your browser and in many popular applications, such as Kazaa, Morpheus, iMesh, Gator and others.
Email Accelerator. Access to your email has never been faster whether you are using a Dial-up or Broadband Connection
Ad Blocker. It blocks most banner ads. You may select to block any unwanted animations, too. No more flashing.
Parental Control. It uses a "Black List"/"White List" concept that allows you to build a "walled garden" for your children on the Internet.
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All our products work with any internet connection. If you're a Windows XP, Me, 98 user or Vista, you can gas up our enhanced technology services and get going in less than five minutes.
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